5 questions to help reflection

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Questions can be so powerful. They help us talk about what we know, believe and have experienced.

I find that there are 5 questions that are really helpful to help unpack faith at home and children's ministry experiences, they are:

What have you learnt/experienced today?

What has this taught you about God?

How does this relate to Jesus?

How does this link to/impact on your life?

What questions are you now left with?

By no way are these these exhaustive. You might only ask one or a selection of these questions but the beauty of these questions is that they help identify and elicit what the child(ren) have experienced, know and now believe. These questions often result in great answers that can stimulate prayer and praise. The questions also help identify what further learning or experiences the child(ren) might need next.

Questions are great! What questions do you ask?

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