CherishEd. is a new charity that seeks to train and equip the Church and individuals to support  children and families. We are aiming to do this through two ways:


By being a Centre for Training -

In our conference and CherishEd. Presents pages you will be able to find out how we support people to become high calibre leaders of children’s ministry. We are also working to establish a University Training Centre in children's ministry to support the wider church in meeting the physical, educational and spiritual needs of children. 


By being a Hub of Resource -

As part of CherishEd.’s work we will provide resources and materials that will help churches engage with schools in the form of an online repository. We also long to develop a library of physical resource that can be loaned to network leaders. Finally we want to work with leaders of children’s ministry to support them in generating their own resources as we believe that it is really important for materials to be created  at a local level.


CherishEd. has four trustees; Chris Mason, Sam Jones, Dave Purfield and Wouter Vertegaal. This team brings significant expertise in theological teaching and training, church leadership, finance and accounting, running successful businesses and charity governance. On our advisory board sits Katy Mitchell who brings significant legal and financial acumen. James Archer is our Managing Director and brings his expertise in Higher Education and children’s ministry. James is a Principal Lecturer in Primary Education and has over fifteen years’ experience leading different children’s ministries. Amy is his wife and stays at home with their four children. Amy currently runs a baby and toddler group and has experience in wider children's ministry and therefore brings expertise in ministering to the youngest of children to the team. CherishEd. was founded out of James & Amy's passion for excellence in children's ministry. 


All of the CherishEd. team have a heart for reaching children and their families and are excited for the journey ahead.