We are looking for 50 CherishEd. Regular giver to commit to giving us £50 a month (plus gift aid). This will help us achieve so much. With this support we will be able to achieve the following in the next year:

* Create a range of practical resources for Children's Ministry

*The publishing of our first book that will look at developing a play-based approach to children's ministry 

* The launch of the first international centre for research into children's ministry and the publication of new research 

*Enabling the organisation of our annual conference

*Enabling the ground work for our University Training Centre to be formed. 

 And so much more...

If you would like to support us with a monthly gift please download our PDF giving form and return it either by email or post.


If you would prefer to give a one of gift you can also use the form to do so.


Thank you for  looking to support us. 

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We have a dream... A University Training centre 

We have a dream of having our own University Training Centre. We have some funds pledged but will need hundreds of thousands of pounds  to be released to make this a reality. If you would like to be involved in working with us on this project and like to help fund this venture we would love to hear from you 


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